Upholstery Fabrics

Manage production, fabric treatments, and care instructions from beginning to end for full cycle visibility

Mertex software for made to measure

With Mertex, it’s impossible to send out the wrong roll. There is consistency throughout the process and we’ve cut human error to a minimum.

James Le Voir
Managing Director, Cover-Tex

By offering the functionality that is right for your upholstery fabric business, Mertex provides excellent Inventory Management and Warehouse management resulting in reduced errors and overtime payments.

With the Mertex Purchase & Process Ordering features, you can gain control of product variables and WIP (Work In Progress) so that stock can be pre-sold during FR treatment – all with a data trail.

Some of the main features and how they benefit users

Easy management of Inventory transfers to different locations such as external processing and finishing of pieces

View all the data you need to process sales quickly and improve customer satisfaction

Gain control of your inventory and locate the right rolls in the warehouse every time to reduce errors

Reduce time managing delivery date changes

View Mertex’s core functions

Financial Accounting

Inventory Management

Memos, Samples & Cuttings

Sales Order Processing

Warehouse Management

Purchase & Process Ordering