Made to Measure

A unique set of functions designed to control the made-to-measure product process

Mertex software for made to measure

With made-to-measure and cushion manufacturing, it is very difficult to predict the profit margins. Mertex has changed this by giving us a clear view at every stage of the process and guiding the cutters to make the right choices. Quite simply, we get more cushions per roll, less fabric waste in general and has solved the problem of a proliferation of short ends.

Chris Nott
Sales Director, Gordon John Textiles

The Mertex M2M functionality has been designed specifically for businesses that manufacture made-to-measure products. You will gain control of the many variables that can define a bespoke product, smoothing out the process.

These additional and unique features result in a faster way for you to determine product costs so that you can supply quotations to customers more efficiently and accurately.

Some of the main features and how they benefit users

Allows for complex sales pricing handled through price matrices and surcharges, including full cost management throughout the process

Fabric is allocated at order entry within the Sales Order Processing module

Works orders are created automatically for internal AND external production and include process cost gates

Questions and answers can be defined for each product style with intuitive order entry for ease of use and accuracy

Fabric and component calculations to handle pattern repeats, fabric width, and adjustments, ensuring the product is correct for the customer

Management of the release of fabric and picking with the printing of desired paperwork

All made-to-measure products are catered for such as curtains, valances, ti-backs, cushions, blinds, and sheers

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