Distributors & Merchants

Efficient management of merchanting operations to Improve order accuracy

Mertex software for made to measure

The ability to tag multiple products has more than halved the time spent loading sales and sample orders.

Brendon Shepherd
Operations Manager, Warwick Fabrics

With functionality in Financial Accounting, sales order input, Purchase & Process Ordering, warehousing and Inventory Management made especially for fabric merchants and wholesalers, Mertex will tie together each department for increased efficiency and cost saving.

For example, Mertex monitors incoming purchase order dates and can adjust sales order dates accordingly whilst providing customers with expected delivery dates. This functionality can also be automated to send alerts to customers thereby reducing incoming and outgoing calls.

Some of the main features and how they benefit users

Gain control of your inventory and locate the right rolls in the warehouse every time to reduce errors

Purchase ledger invoices can now be digitally matched to incoming stock records and approved through the system

Easier operations recording – gained from integration with third-party hardware including conveyor belts, labelling, and packaging machines

Integration with cutting bench technology to ensure fast and accurate cutting and reduced losses from roll selection

Piece-level stock management that reduces waste from short ends and improves profitability

Delivery company integration for despatch processing, tracking and on-time deliveries

View Mertex’s core functions

Financial Accounting

Inventory Management

Memos, Samples & Cuttings

Sales Order Processing

Warehouse Management

Purchase & Process Ordering