Who is Mertex developed by?

Mertex is owned and managed by Reflex Data Systems. The company was established in 1987, incorporated in 1992, and is owned by Mirador Software Group. Reflex Data Systems is led by General Manager Steve Jones.

Who is Mertex ERP software for?

Mertex has been developed for textile and home interiors businesses and is suitable for those who require 5+ licenses.

Does Mertex manage piece-level stock?

Yes! Our unique piece-level functionality informs you of what length is remaining on every single roll – even those that are of the same SKU. For example, you can see that you have 100 metres remaining of a certain fabric and that there are three rolls containing 11, 22 and 67 metres, meaning you can reduce wastage by selecting the most economical way to meet the fabric order.

What is an ERP system?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and is an integrated software solution used to manage resources and processes. This business management system would incorporate functions or departments such as planning, inventory control, order processing, manufacturing (if applicable), purchasing and finance for example.

Will Migrating to Mertex from another system affect my day-to-day business?

Absolutely not! We import your live data into a test system before the real system goes live. We then implement the system at your premises to ensure it runs smoothly.