Sales order processing

Fast and intuitive sales input for a better customer experience

Sales Order Processing

Order entry has been improved – it’s now quick and seamless. Mertex also allows multiple orders to be duplicated, which is particularly useful when launching a new range of products.

Rob Goldwater
Finance Director, Ashley Wilde

The Mertex Sales Order Processing function is integrated with the other modules such as Warehouse Management and Inventory Management to create a seamless experience for your staff and customers, as they get the information they need faster.

Your employees are guided through the order process from credit checking to stock availability through to delivery options and order status. Your customers get the right products at the right price at the right time – every time!

Some of the main features and how
they benefit users

Access to up-to-date stock ‘at a glance’ with options to allocate specific batches or pieces during order entry (no going to separate screens) resulting in better customer service

The customer complaint feature provides an audit trail that results in improved quality control, speeds up product returns and manages customer feedback, but also aids reporting

The software credit checks at key points of the sales and despatch process, helping to ensure good cash flow and fewer overdue payments

With easy-to-use options for quotations, reservations, cuttings, forward ordering, back orders, and consolidation orders, your staff save time and reduce errors and confusion

Less confusion – Mertex can handle multiple selling companies and brands within each customer so you will be able to allocate the correct product to the right address

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