Memos, Samples & Cuttings

The easy management of fabric samples, from order entry to despatch

Memos & Samples

Mertex has resulted in the company operating much more efficiently. We can locate any items in the warehouse in a matter of seconds and quickly recall customer details and order history, making our service much better.

Linda Dykes
Operations Director, Voyage Maison

A truly unique function for the textiles industry, the Memos, Samples & Cuttings module integrates with Inventory Management to provide accurate stock levels. Offering an easy-to-use single-screen order entry, the process is quick and convenient to use.

The functionality gives full control of memo/samples inventory with in-house barcoding. It also provides pick and despatch notifications with neatly formatted memo letters and enables staff to manage and track cuttings for approval.

Some of the main features and how
they benefit users

A quick and simple ordering facility for memos, samples & cuttings

Full control of memo and cutting inventory including in-house labelling

Consolidation of memo orders

Fast picking and despatching of memos including automated memo letters with barcodes and images with multi-language options

Pattern book memo analysis

Tracking of memo items that are ‘out on approval’

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