Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Functions that improve productivity, efficiency, and order fulfilment accuracy

Warehose Management

Reflex Data has provided a lot of expertise including some excellent guidance on how to change processes in the warehouse. Mertex increased our efficiency by 30 per cent.

James Le Voir
Managing Director, Cover-Tex

The Mertex Warehouse Management System (WMS) integrates with other functions such as Inventory Management resulting in a fast and accurate service for customers.

Barcode labelling, on-screen updates, and instructions result in optimal picking, collation and despatch.

Some of the main features and how
they benefit users

As deliveries arrive, Mertex helps you manage each roll’s location and plan routes to save time and effort

A complete barcode system with labelling throughout the product lifecycle, including aftercare and wash instructions

Integration with cutting bench technology to ensure fast and accurate cutting and reduced losses from roll selection

Fast pick, pack, and put-away due to accurate location information and stock movement sequences, resulting in significant efficiency improvements

Allowances for the coalition of single orders or consolidation of multiple orders for time savings and reduced delivery costs

Delivery company integration for despatch processing, tracking and on-time deliveries

Easier operations recording – gained from integration with third-party hardware including conveyor belts, labelling, and packaging machines

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Warehouse Management

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