Financial Accounting

Fully integrated management of your financial processes

Financial Accounting

The visuals and accessibility within Mertex make my financial analysis tasks much easier than with our previous system.

Laura Jowett
Finance Manager, James Hare Ltd

Mertex includes all the features you would expect in a financial accounting system with the addition of functionality for business areas that are unique to the textile industry.

No need to have separate customer records, the software integrates seamlessly with other business areas such as sales order processing, purchase / process ordering and inventory management to provide visibility throughout the company. This integrated information aids business management and decision-making.

Some of the main features and how
they benefit users

Fully investigate transactions using up-to-date and accurate information from all departments

Automate key accounting processes such as split payment terms, reconciliation, and commission & royalty payments

General ledger drill-down to postings facility, all with ‘live’ information

Communicate financial information clearly with Mertex’s excellent reporting functionality including auditing, debtors, and credit actions

Multiple cost options such as actual, standard, latest, written down and add-on costs for improved inventory valuation accuracy

Credit stop history enquiries with full reporting

Trade with the US? Mertex manages trading with North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA) countries with interfaces to AVALARA for US tax calculations

Functionality to handle multiple selling companies (including partner companies) with single inventory accounts and inter-company invoicing

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Financial Accounting

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