‘Tightly knit’ inventory and production planning so you always have stock of what your customers want

Specialist software for fabric weaving companies

Mertex provides a unique combination that is able to cover all of our requirements for cloth and scarf manufacturing, and also offered us new solutions for our inventory sales.

John Walsh
Managing Director, Abraham Moon

The Mertex weaving functionality contains specialised features designed for Weavers. It integrates seamlessly with other Mertex modules such as Inventory Management and Purchase/Process Ordering to deliver multiple benefits from its industry-led functionality such as increased productivity and reduced wastage.

Handling fabrics from broad, narrow, and jacquard through to velvet, industrial and multi-warp, the Mertex weaving module keeps you in full control of costs and process loss during production.

Some of the main features and how they benefit users

Easy management of Inventory transfers to different locations such as external processing and finishing of pieces

Warp and yarn inventory control covering all count systems featuring allocation of yarns by lot/carton with full barcoding capabilities

Loom loading and scheduling with checks for warp compatibility and automated week-by-week scheduling of all expected yarn movements

Control multi-location, multi-lot, and operational multi-carton with inventory movements including warp to dye and yarn to rewind

Time-saving tracking and chasing of warps, beams, pieces, and batches throughout the processing gates, including inspection and finishing

Full control of yarn movements including contracts, purchases, dye, and twist orders resulting in cost control and traceability from yarn to finished piece

Management of weaving orders with full warp, weft, and weave details including loom card printing, yarn picking, and draft & peg plans

Flexible BOM (Bill of Materials) set-up

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