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Helping your textile business to run more efficiently

Mertex is the market-leading ERP software for the textiles and fabrics industry. It focuses on the management, movement, cost, and control of everything relating to fabric. From handling cut lengths (metres and yardage), to contract fabrics, wallpaper and trimmings through to fabric coating and fire retardancy, Mertex manages the full life cycle of fabric and much more.

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Efficiency and profitability

The software contains features designed specifically for the complex nature of textiles businesses, helping to them to increase efficiencies by more than 30% and improve the bottom line.

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Control your inventory

Achieve visibility and control throughout the product process, from weaving, sales & purchasing, to warehousing, memos, cuttings, distribution, and finance.

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Improve customer service

Comprehensive suite of features that enable you to deliver the right product at the right price at the right time – every time.

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Sales Order Icon

Sales Order Processing

Mertex sales order processing makes ordering quick, easy and intuitive. It guides your sales team through the ordering process from credit checking to stock availability (including specific piece allocation if required) through to customer buying patterns, delivery options and much more.


“With Mertex, it's impossible to send out the wrong roll. There is consistency throughout the process and we've cut human error to a minimum.“

James Le Voir, Managing Director

“Order entry has improved - its quick and seamless. Mertex also allows multiple orders to be duplicated, which is particularly good when launching a new range of products.“

Rob Goldwater
Ashley Wilde

  • Features

    Availability of inventory 'at a glance' with options to automatically allocate specific batches or pieces during order entry

    Stock can be held in metres and ordered in yards, or vice versa, with various selling price options for full rolls, cut lengths and contracts

    Agents commission and royalty payments are easily handled, with options for multiple reps per customer or specifier

  • Features

    Quotations, reservations, stock cuttings, forward ordering, back ordering, consolidation orders

    Credit checking triggers at key points of the sales and dispatch process

    Deliver to multiple addresses for a customer or specifier

  • Features

    Customer complaints feature to improve quality control and service by managing and auditing product returns and feedback from customers.

Warehouse & Inventory Icon

Warehouse & Inventory

Piece and batch level inventory control are at the heart of the Mertex warehouse management tool. This enables staff to accurately manage your warehouse operations for optimum inventory management and efficient order fulfilment. Barcode labeling, on-screen updates and instructions provide for optimal picking, collation and dispatch leading to greater efficiency and improved customer service.

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  • Features

    Complete control and auditing of inventory across multiple locations at batch and piece level – fully integrated with the Mertex general ledger

    Multiple cost options such as actual, standard, latest, ‘written down’ and ‘add on’ costs for inventory valuation

    Complete barcode system with labelling through the full product lifecycle including aftercare and washcare instructions

  • Features

    Routines for mobile scanners to aid full inventory checking including options for incremental counts

    Integration with cutting bench technology to ensure quick and accurate fabric cutting and reduced losses

    Pick and dispatch confirmation routines including collation of single orders or consolidation of multiple orders with options to pick by route, round or order

  • Features

    Integration with third party hardware including conveyor belts, labelling and packaging such as TecnoTeam


“The barcode technology offered by Mertex enables us to offer a full track-and-trace facility. We can immediately pinpoint stock - even matching dye batches or taking fabric from the same roll, if that's what the customer wants“

Andrew Gautry, Finance Director
Prestigious Textiles Ltd

“Mertex came in to its own by helping with relocation and tracking of stock. It has allowed us to go from dealing with one 20ft container per week to handling six times as much fabric, using the same number of warehouse staff“

Lee Paxman, Managing Director
Mobus Fabrics Ltd

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Process Ordering Icon

Process Order Management

Mertex helps you to control the complex processes required to transform one product into another, from the creation of pattern books to the treatment of fabrics. It provides management and control of inventory movements and costs at every stage.


“Fabrics and trimmings are dispatched alongside unit goods efficiently with no need to change the procedure. Dye lots can be recorded for batch control of linear goods and a sampling module is provided.“

Julie McGraw, Managing Director
Jones Interiors

“The Mertex system is a very unique product which is brilliant to use.“

Lee Paxman, Managing Director
Mobus Fabrics

  • Features

    Control of raw materials from source to finished product with full stock traceability

    Predefined set up of processes such as FR-treated, dyed, backed, transfer-printed, pattern books and hangers

    Transfer and stockholding at multiple external locations with the option of allocating individual batches and pieces

  • Features

    Flexible bill of materials set-up

    Full work in progress control integrated with the Mertex general ledger

    Process orders created directly from sales orders

Purchasing Icon


In an industry characterised by long lead times, control is crucial. Forecasting and stock replenishment is at the heart of the Mertex purchasing module to ensure your purchases are always aligned to sales orders, allowing for a ‘just in time’ approach. It also allows you to title of goods even when in transit, such as management of goods ‘at sea’ with full shipping details.

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  • Features

    Comprehensive goods receipt facilities for multiple pieces and batches with optional barcode labeling

    Supplier portal enabling suppliers to directly manage and update key information such as promised dates, piece/roll and delivery information

    Forecasting and inventory replenishment control with purchase reordering functionality including EDI

  • Features

    Facility for purchase contracts and subsequent call-off purchases

    Automated links to sales orders with back-to-back order replenishment and notification to credit controllers about goods linked to sales orders on credit hold

    Import and export of supplier price lists from CSV files to make price changes easy to manage

  • Features

    Facility to order for direct delivery from supplier to customer (drop ship)

    Full management of add-on costs for transport, duty and handling


“We quickly realised Reflex were a force to be reckoned with. They have a unique portfolio of customers and there's a very good fit between their product and our business.“

Rob Goldwater, Managing Director
Ashley Wilde

“The single most important point of difference with Mertex is that it has been built and is constantly being updated and improved in line with the textile and fabrics industry and is dedicated to delivering maximum efficiency and productivity.“

Sean McGonigle
Carnegie Fabrics

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Weaving Icon


Even small improvements in inventory control and productivity can make enormous savings. The Mertex weaving module handles inventory control throughout the weaving process, helping you to plan production and assist with material requirements and capacity planning to meet scheduled orders. Handling fabrics from broad, narrow and jacquard, through to velvet, industrial and multi-warp, the Mertex weaving module keeps you in full control of costs and process loss during production.


“The Mertex product suite provided a unique combination in that not only was it able to cover all of our requirements for cloth and scarf manufacturing but could also offer new solutions for our stock sales.“

John Walsh, Managing Director
Abraham Moon

“We’ve almost doubled our turnover in the last five years. Without Mertex, we couldn’t maintain service levels and efficiency going forward.“

James Le Voir, Managing Director

  • Features

    Warp/yarn inventory control covering all count systems with allocation of yarns by lot/carton and full barcoding capability

    Management of inventory transfers to different locations including external processing and finishing of pieces

    Multi-location, multi-lot and operational multi-carton control with inventory movements including warp to dye and yarn to rewind

  • Features

    Management of weaving orders with full warp, weft and weaving details including loom card printing, yarn picking and draft and peg plans

    Full tracking and chasing of warps, beams, pieces and batches through all processing gates such as inspection and finishing

    Management and control of yarn and yarn movements, including contracts, purchases, dye and twist orders with full cost control and traceability from yarn lot to finished piece

  • Features

    Flexible bill of materials set-up

    Loom loading and scheduling with checks for warp compatibility and automated week-by-week scheduling of all expected yarn movements

    Full cloth and design definitions with warp and weft requirement calculations

Financial Accounting Icon

Financial Accounting

The Mertex financial accounting module is fully integrated with the other modules in Mertex for efficiency and visibility throughout your business. It includes all the features you would expect in a financial accounting system with the addition of functionality for business areas unique to the textiles industry. It's general ledger posting mechanism allows up-to-date inventory valuations, and multi-currency, multi-location and multi-unit options are available as standard.

Sixth Mertex Screenshot
  • Features

    Facilities to handle multiple selling companies (including partner companies) with single inventory accounts and inter-company invoicing

    General ledger drill down to postings facility

    Full inventory integration with the general ledger

  • Features

    Full reporting functionality including auditing, debtors with overdue letters and auto credit actions.

    Management of trading with North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA) countries with interfaces to AVALARA for US tax calculations

    Automated split payment terms option with choice of time period

  • Features

    Agents commission and royalty payments ledger

    Credit stop history enquiries with full reporting


“We worked very closely with Reflex to develop a top-of-the-range financial package that not only fulfils our needs but has added greatly to the strength of Mertex.“

David Smallridge, MD of Brands
Sanderson Design Group

“In the finance module, I love the fact I can see an invoice image instantly. It saves staff having to file purchase ledger invoices and then trawl through lever arch files to retrieve them.“

Rob Goldwater, Managing Director
Ashley Wilde

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Made To Measure Icon

Made to Measure (MTM)

The Mertex MTM module looks after the complex processes required to deliver made-to-measure products making it easy to control the many variables that can define a bespoke product for a customer – ensuring progress at every stage. All made-to-measure products are catered for such as curtains, valances, tie-backs, cushions, blinds and sheers.


“We selected Mertex because Reflex Data specialize in our industry sector and understand our business. We were getting orders right 94 per cent of the time — now we are hitting 98-99 per cent. The company has everything in place to push the expansion of our product range“

Simon Jeffreys, Chief Executive
Designers Guild

“There is no question Mertex is the vehicle to help us move our worldwide business forward and help in our aim of expanding into new and existing markets.“

Sean McGonigle, Vice President
Carnegie Fabrics

  • Features

    Fabric allocated at order entry with sales order lines entered through the standard sales order entry module

    Works orders created automatically for internal or external production with process cost gates

    Complex sales pricing handled through price matrices and surcharges including full cost management throughout the process

  • Features

    Questions and answers can be defined for each product style with intuitive order entry for ease of use

    Management of the release of fabric picking and print paperwork

    Management of fabric and component calculations to handle pattern repeats, fabric width and adjustments

  • Features

    Full data capture for sales analysis

    Efficient processes to determine sales price and purchase/manufacturing costs

Memos Cutting Icon

Memos & Cuttings

Mertex makes the management of memos and cuttings simple. Offering a quick and convenient single-screen order entry, it allows you to take full control of the memo inventory with in-house barcoding. Efficiently pick and dispatch memos with neatly formatted memo letters, and easily manage and track your cuttings for approval.

Eighth Mertex Screenshot
  • Features

    Quick and simple ordering facility for memos and cuttings

    Full control of memo and cutting stock including in-house barcode labelling

    Fast picking and dispatching of memos including automated memo letters with barcodes and images in multi-language options

  • Features

    Consolidation of memo orders

    Pattern book memo analysis

    Tracking of memo items 'out on approval'


“We couldn’t have got to where we are now without Reflex Data.“

Lee Paxman, Managing Director
Mobus Fabrics

“Mertex has resulted in the company operating much more efficiently. We can locate any stock in the warehouse in a matter of seconds and quickly recall customer details and order history, making our service much better.“

Linda Dykes, Operations Director
Voyage Decoration

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