Inventory Management

Specialised batch and piece-level inventory for reduced wastage and accurate stock

Inventory Management

The barcode technology offered by Mertex enables us to offer a full track-and-trace facility. We can immediately pinpoint stock location and levels – even matching dye batches or taking fabric from the same roll, if that’s what the customer wants.

Andrew Gautry
Finance Director. Prestigious Textiles Ltd

The Mertex Inventory Management module integrates with other functions such as Warehouse Management for gains in real-time stock level visibility and availability.

Together with the Warehouse Management and Purchase & Process Ordering modules, users gain excellent product traceability for improvements in Quality Control (QC), compliance, and returns processing.

Some of the main features and how
they benefit users

As an order arrives, Mertex will select the most appropriate rolls to take fabric from so that you aren’t left with lots of rolls with short ends, resulting in reduced waste.

Cutting bench users get an automatic prompt to re-measure a roll when it falls below a pre-defined length e.g. 15 metres, ensuring short roll length accuracy

Complete control and auditing of inventory across multiple locations at batch and piece level – fully integrated with the Mertex Financial Accounting functions such as the general ledger, aiding financial reporting

An accurate inventory enabling improvements to procurement practices

Routines for mobile scanners to aid stock book-out and stock-taking, all integrated with the full system

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