Case Study

Mertex provides logistical power to help Mobus Fabrics go global

Overview: Mobus Fabrics are an upholstery fabric manufacturer that was ready to invest in software that would enable its growth plans and manage its new warehouse.
Mobus Case study

Mertex came into its own by helping with the relocation and tracking of stock. It has enabled us to go from dealing with one 20ft container per week to handling six times as much fabric, using the same number of warehouse staff.

Lee Paxman
Managing Director

Following implementation, Mobus have witnessed significant time savings and enhanced sales ordering capabilities which have helped them expand its business with larger manufacturers.

We can now trace everything about a piece of fabric – from when it was delivered to us right the way back to the conditions it was produced under. It means if a customer has any problems, we can quickly identify and rectify them.

Lee Paxman
Managing Director

Key Facts

The company turned to Mertex after a move to a larger warehouse raised issues with the locating and tracking of inventory

Mobus staff can import a spreadsheet of data into Mertex the day a shipment leaves a production facility, allowing them to pre-sell the fabric whilst en-route

Lee decided to invest in Mertex as it came highly recommended and suited their needs