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Reptex harnesses the power of mobile connectivity to enable sales reps to take orders on the move and gives you visibility of their activities. It captures and processes orders quickly and effortlessly and, once an Internet connection becomes available, will send confirmation emails and upload the orders to Mertex. Reptex is perfect for trade shows and showrooms, vastly reduces back office fulfillment time and improves customer service.



“Reptex has really simplified the order taking process for our sales team and eased the burden on our back office staff when processing orders into Mertex – particularly after a busy trade show.“

John-Andrew Ovenstone, Managing Director
Warwick Fabrics

“I can pick up the phone and someone will always come back to me with a solution.“

Julie McGraw, Managing Director
Jones Interiors

  • Features

    Automatically synchronizes to Mertex

    Orders can be entered quickly on an iPad without an Internet connection

    Customer and product information can be checked

  • Features

    Barcodes can be scanned using the camera for quick and easy ordering

    Order acknowledgements can be printed and sent by email

    Visibility to manage reps activities and visits to prospects and customers

  • Features

    Orders can be cross referenced to activities and visits