Portal keeps you in the loop

Portal keeps you in the loop

We have launched our 365 Hub!

Our service delivery team has been busy developing the new portal designed to support our customers and keep everyone in the loop.

Built using Microsoft Dynamics 365, it provides a unified, proactive and seamless service. We can instantly see customer's queries and they can stay up to date on what we are doing to help – from anywhere and in real time.

It’s part of our drive to enhance the experience of working with us. Our 365 Hub is linked directly to an analyst who has access to information immediately.

Customers create cases, track their progress and update information, as well as receiving email notifications alerting them to updates. They can glean much more information, more quickly.

Amanda Castledine, our service delivery manager at Reflex Data, has been leading on 365 Hub’s development.

“We have listened to our customers and believe this centralization of contact will bring major benefits all round, with dramatically increased visibility," she says. "The support element of 365 Hub is just the beginning as we have plans to add other areas of business to it as we progress, such as a knowledge center, billing and quotes.

“Invitations to join 365 Hub are sent to key users within a customer’s organization and they will all be logging into the same place. This means that they will be able to see the questions being raised by their colleagues, share information and collaborate.

"It will assist Reflex Data staff to respond more quickly and effectively because we will have a much broader view of a customer’s day-to-day challenges.”

Steve Jones, Reflex Data’s chief customer officer, said: “We are investing in this customer-centric portal to provide users with the self-serve functionality now expected within the industry. 

It demonstrates our commitment to improving our customers’ experience of working with us and our focus on contributing to their success.”

Some key points:

  • When a case is created, it is placed directly into an analyst’s queue
  • Updates to and from the user and analyst are available in real time
  • There are two types of user: A super user can see and update all organizations’ case and a standard user has access to his/her own cases only
  • Customers can export information to Microsoft Excel for analysis

For more information, please email amanda.castledine@reflexdata.com