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Reflex Analytics is a business intelligence solution like no other. Bringing together information from disparate sources into a single intuitive dashboard, it provides high quality, up-to-date information in an understandable and easy-to-use format that lets you keep on top of what is happening in your business.

It was these qualities that Jones Interiors of Nottingham were looking for when they wanted to upgrade their business reporting capabilities.

The company, which supplies interior fabrics and accessories to some of the country's leading retailers, had already been using Reflex's market leading Mertex software to provide precise control of stock management and sales order processing.

But, by adding the power of Analytics, they felt they could understand their sales and supply data even better, using it to grow the business and drive efficiencies still further.

"The key for us was to have a system that would provide easy-to-understand data with exceptions highlighted," said managing director, Julie McGraw. "Analytics' visual dashboard lets us do that so we can easily see what the state of play is at any particular time. It lets us make decisions very quickly and it's easy to manipulate."

The key principles of Analytics are data discovery and data visibility. Information is not simply presented to you but is extracted, updated and organised in an easy-to-use format that enables the user to manipulate and interrogate the information they need.

Jones Interiors was able to adapt the Analytics software to their specific requirements, ordering the Sales Invoice and Stock Analysis modules. The system can be accessed and used anywhere in the world via a browser or can be used on an iPad by downloading the app so the sales force can get all the information they need about specific customer trends and buying patterns. Combined with geographic data at the heart of the Sales Analysis module, the company can easily see which products and collections are selling – and more importantly those that are not selling – compared to previous years.

Julie says that accurate intelligence on slow and fast moving stock is vital for matching procurement with demand. "Since using Analytics for stock control we have been able to quickly see trends to ensure that we have enough stock to meet demand, so avoiding lost sales during busy periods or generating expensive back orders."

For more and more companies, the ability to extract and act upon data has become an increasingly important factor in business growth. With Analytics technology, Jones Interiors can now unlock the potential of its data.

"To be able to see all that information visually at the touch of a button is so much more effective than normal reporting methods," said Julie. "It's a lot more user friendly and the system holds the data to allow you to research it further."

She added: "Used alongside Mertex, Analytics allows us to make better informed decisions, contributing to top line growth and effective cost control, ultimately improving profitability.