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Mertex is helping an ambitious London upholstery fabric wholesaler to enjoy rapid growth while increasing customer satisfaction.

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Leyton-based Cover-Tex is adding £1m turnover per year, due to a flourishing trade with suppliers of Britain’s biggest high street retailers.

But, says Managing Director, James Le Voir, quality of service hasn’t been sacrificed – thanks to Mertex.

“We’ve almost doubled our turnover in the last five years,” he said. “Without Mertex, we couldn’t maintain service levels and efficiency going forward.”

The company installed Mertex recently, following a major upgrade to its IT system. The main issue, said James, was stock control of individual rolls of fabric.

“With stock, there are so many variables,” he said. “We were never sure what we had in the warehouse unless we did a stock take. We relied on brainpower to despatch the right items, which was susceptible to human error.

“With Mertex we have an up-to-date screen in front of the sales teams so they know exactly what we have in stock, and where it is.”

Mertex’s constantly updated on-screen ‘dashboards’ for purchasing, warehouse management and sales order processing provide a wealth of data, resulting in far fewer mistakes and better communication with customers.

“With Mertex, it’s impossible to send out the wrong roll,” said James. “There is consistency throughout the process and we’ve cut human error to a minimum.

“Also, by using the automated processes in Mertex, we can keep customers up to date with stock positions and let them know when we’re out of stock.”

Although Mertex’s stock control features were the main selling point, the system is providing more and more benefits as Cover-Tex staff discover its full potential.

“With a click of a button we can change a delivery date – a process that used to be very involved,” said James. “It’s freed up staff to chase up orders and deliveries. Sales can also be imported straight into the system and we can produce labels with all the fabric details. It looks a lot more professional.”

Reflex was also able to help Cover-Tex reorganise its warehouse functions to get the most out of Mertex.

“Reflex have provided a lot of expertise, including some good ideas on how to change processes in the warehouse,” said James. “It’s increased our efficiency by 30 per cent.”

He added: “Now we’ve settled into Mertex, there’s a lot more scope to take on more business. It’s meant we’ve cut down overheads on overtime, dramatically cutting costs. We’ve got the scope to take on more business going forward without additional staff.

“We wouldn’t be able to do without Mertex.”