Case Study

Jones & Co bring together vital business data for informed decision making

Overview: Mertex user Jones & Co integrated our Business Intelligence tool and discovered better reporting paired with easy-to-understand data
Jones Case Study

The key for us was to have a system that would provide easy-to-understand data with exceptions highlighted. The dashboard lets us do that so we can easily see what the state of play is at any particular time. It lets us make decisions very quickly and it’s easy to manipulate.

Julie McGraw
Managing Director

The Business Intelligence Solution paired with Mertex has given Jones & Co accurate intelligence on slow and fast-moving stock for matching procurement with demand. The resulting decision-making has contributed to top-line growth and effective cost control, ultimately improving profitability.

To be able to see all that information visually at the touch of a button is so much more effective than normal reporting methods. It’s a lot more user-friendly and the system holds the data to allow you to research it further.

Julie McGraw
Managing Director

Key Facts

Jones & Co have been a Mertex user since 2012

They implemented our Business Intelligence tool as they wanted a single intuitive dashboard that displayed up-to-date information in an understandable format