Case Study

US-based Carnegie uses Mertex to analyse its data for more accurate business decisions

Overview: Mertex was chosen to aid the company’s ambitious growth plans and the continuation of its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction
Carnegie Case study

The single most important point of difference with Mertex is that it has been built for and is constantly being updated and improved in line with the textile and fabrics industry, and is dedicated to delivering maximum efficiency and productivity.

Sean McGonigle
Vice President

Carnegie is happily utilising all the Mertex elements, from Sales Order Processing, Inventory Management, and Financial Accounting to Warehouse management. The management team have also gained great insights from the Business Intelligence integration.

From identifying emerging trends to monitoring and comparing sales by customer, product and geographical locations, the real-time information has proven invaluable in keeping us informed on every element of our business.

Sean McGonigle
Vice President

Key Facts

Carnegie is a supplier of wall coverings and textiles worldwide

The New York-based company had previously relied on its in-house built system to manage its business processes