Case Study

Improvements to customer experience for leading soft furnishing company Belfield Home

Overview: Mertex was chosen to bring new efficiencies to the business and help realise plans for growth, but other benefits were also gained
Belfield Case study

Sales order processing has been hugely improved as Mertex lets staff know the availability of stock at the point of order as well as allowing them to email customers an order confirmation straight from the system.

Craig North
Operations Manager

Mertex has been embedded within Belfield Homes following their staff taking to the software well,  and the business was pleased to discover cost savings from less paperwork, reduced data replication, and improved warehouse efficiency.

Previously we had to print off a run of orders and take them to the warehouse to be manually processed. Now this is done electronically by Mertex, which also gives the warehouse staff an optimum picking route and indicates which is the most efficient roll of fabric for the order. This has reduced short ends as well as picking by batch to help with colour continuity

Craig North
Operations Manager

Key Facts

Mertex was selected for the traceability and visibility it offered

Belfield Home also use our Business Intelligence tool so they can see what is happening across the company