Case Study

Mertex delivers improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and less wastage for Ashley Wilde

Overview: Mertex was selected at Ashley Wilde due to its unique portfolio of customers and very good fit between the software functionality and their business. They have particularly benefitted from the piece-level stock functionality.
Ashley Wilde Case Study

A lot of what we do involves cutting fabrics from rolls for curtain making and upholstery. Our warehouse is full of rolls. The problem arises when you cut a length for one order and then need to know if you’ve got enough left to fulfil the next order. We can now pick the optimum combination to meet an order most efficiently

Rob Goldwater
Finance Director

Working life has been transformed in the sales department due to accurate inventory and quick and seamless order entry. Rob and the Ashley Wilde team are pleased with the results of using Mertex.

One of the things that enticed us in the first place was the value for money that Mertex offered. Although there was a significant capital outlay, we knew it would reduce costs in the long term because the system is so stable and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

Rob Goldwater
Finance Director

Key Facts

Mertex made an immediate impact on the company

The barcode labelling feature has made stock-taking, picking and delivery more accurate