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Carnegie Fabrics, founded in 1950, brought its IT systems up to date with the installation of Mertex.

Suppliers of wall coverings and textiles worldwide, the New York-based company had previously relied on its in-house built system to manage its business processes.

But with ambitious growth plans and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Carnegie VP Sean Mcgonigle, knew the time had arrived to update and invest in a specialist software package.

“It’s been a long time coming”, said Sean. “I first heard of Reflex Data and their Mertex product back in 2007 but the time wasn’t right for us. On taking the decision to overhaul our IT operations, we invited Reflex to demonstrate the software capabilities.”

Designed specifically for the fabric and textiles industry, Mertex is a fully integrated software system, which enables wholesalers and manufacturers to manage every aspect of a product’s journey to market – including purchase, warehousing, manufacturing and sales.

“There is no question this system is the vehicle to help us move our worldwide business forward and help in our aim of expanding into new and existing markets,” Sean added.

“The other packages we looked at were nowhere near as comprehensive when it comes to the functionality on offer.

“However, the single most important point of difference with Mertex is that it has been built and is constantly being updated and improved in line with the textile and fabrics industry and is dedicated to delivering maximum efficiency and productivity.”

With 75 users, Carnegie is utilizing all of the Mertex modules, from Sales Order Processing, Warehouse & Inventory Management, Financial Accounting and Business Intelligence.

“We are particularly excited about the Business Intelligence analytics program,” said Sean.

“Our current system simply wasn't set up to generate the data we need to better manage our operation. With a few clicks, Mertex will deliver detailed analysis quickly,”

“From identifying emerging trends to monitoring and comparing sales by customer, product and geographical locations, the real-time information will prove invaluable when it comes to keeping us informed on every element of our business.”

But it wasn’t just about the software when it came to selecting the new system.

Equally as important as the functionality and software deliverables was working with Reflex Data.

Sean explained: “The UK-based company has nearly 30 years’ experience in our industry and the team obviously understand our business model as well as our future plans.

“Built into our agreement are nearly 200 days of additional programming time to ensure Mertex seamlessly integrates with our existing IT system.

“This may seem a lot but the reality is that it is far fewer than would be needed with other suppliers and the tweaks we need are purely about developing interfaces with our existing IT systems.

“Being ‘over the pond’ was by no means a barrier to working with Reflex. They are well equipped to support our system remotely and their experience of working with global companies is evident.

“Fundamentally, the Mertex system is made for our organization and importantly, it has the flexibility to adapt and accommodate our changing requirements as we continue to grow and expand our business.”

Stuart Beet, Reflex Data Systems’ VP sales and marketing, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be working with Carnegie Fabrics. It clearly demonstrates Reflex’s expertise and understanding of the textile market and the value that our software and services bring to our clients.

“The extensive functionality within our Mertex software is being further supplemented to meet Carnegie’s specific business needs."