Mertex ERP update release 7.6.4 summary

Here is a summary of the key updates within release 7.6.4

• There is now the option to create separate orders for each line on a make order (purchase/process order), even where the order lines are for the same supplier.

• An ‘Item Comments’ column has been added to the ‘Enter Details for Pieces Received’ screen as part of the Goods Receipt process. When receiving pieces, the user now has the option to enter comments against the piece, which are added to the received piece.

Sales Order Processing modifications and additions

• The export indicator, previously only available on the customer record, is now available on the delivery address record. This enables an order to be deemed as ‘export’ based on the delivery address and not just the customer record.

• Additional icons/functionality for Release Credit Held Orders: Two new icons have been added, when relevant, to print/send the proforma invoice and order confirmation.

• The One Step Invoice “Select Credit Note Lines” screen is now a HTML grid.

• ‘Country has been added to the Sales Order Line Enquiry in the selection criteria on the screen.

• Back-order release screen enhancement: Additional fields has been added to the back-order release screen to show order credit information.

• The subject line on an email sent for the sales order confirmation will now contain the customers own order number along with the sales order number.

• The quantity total field can now be displayed on a sales order confirmation.

• When there is a process requirement where pieces aren’t required to be cut but a label is required with piece, and customer details etc. The option is now available within the Confirm Picking List.

• The documents for the invoice and commercial invoice now print the customer’s VAT Registration in the ‘header’ section. In addition, if the delivery address has a separate VAT Registration number then this will print below the delivery address.


• Delivery Notes can be setup to automatically email following pick confirmation.
Based on the new parameter being set to ‘Y’ when confirming a picking list, confirming a consolidation, or sealing a consignment, the delivery note will be automatically emailed without any prompts on the screen.

• On the CUTTING BENCH: Where an order is to be cut for a stock transfer order then ‘STA’ will appear in the ‘Ty’ column.

• A new parcel entry field has been added to the ‘picking list’ CUTTING BENCH routine.
A user that’s flagged as able to enter parcel numbers will have access to this for ‘picking list’ cutting, that will be passed to the applicable picking line record when entered.

• Flammability Test – Run comments: New information has been added to the test certificates, allowing entry of test run comments which will then be printed on the flammability document.

• For DESPATCH: The shipping information sent to UPS WorldShip can now be summarised by Quality. This provides the option to reduce the number of ‘invoice’ lines sent to WorldShip.

• Removal of Remeasure Confirmation prompt: If there is no change in the length of a piece when remeasuring, then the user will not be prompted by a dialogue box to confirm the remeasure.

• Move Stock Transaction: When moving pieces, there is now an option to print labels for all the pieces moved.

• The option to enter a “from” and “to” date has been added to the print and reprint advice routines.

• For HAULIER INTEGRATION, where applicable, the delivery contact information is now used in the haulier interface routines, e.g. UPS etc.

For our WEAVING clients

• Production Job Data has been added to Product Balance (/PB) information. The total number of pieces, the outstanding number of pieces and current gate for Weaving Jobs are now in the ‘Incoming’ section.

• Yarn and Beam products can now be moved using the ‘Move Stock’ routine.

• There has been process enhancements to the Input/Amend Despatch Details routine:
a. Gross Metres and strings can be amended. Nett Metres are recalculated based on the gross metres and strings entered.
b. On the first time through a line for a piece the opportunity to print the piece label and/or customer address label will be given.
c. If the piece length is subsequently changed then the opportunity to print the piece label and/or customer address label will be given again.
d. A function key has been added, F6-Labels, to print the piece label and/or customer address label for the line the cursor is currently on.

System wide Important updates

• The quantity received and order unit is now displayed within the feed tile when a purchase/process order is booked with differing order and stock units, ensuring a smooth process. The order unit value is in brackets following the stock unit value.

• FOR EDI ORDERS: Links are now provided on the feed tile generated for EDI orders and invoices created, in order to view the orders/invoices.

• A quotation document can now be printed from Quotation Entry/Amend when a save takes place. Previously this required the user to run a separate menu option.

• FORWARD ORDERS by WEB API: The Web API now includes the processing of forward orders when creating sales orders. The functionality for a customer to place a forward order on our e-commerce system is to be added.

If you are a Mertex ERP user and would like to implement any of these upgrades, please get in touch

A number of bug fixes were also included. If you are a current Mertex ERP user, contact us to get the full list.