Mobus launches US distribution site with Mertex ERP

West Yorkshire-based Mobus Fabrics Ltd have expanded their operations to the other side of the Atlantic with a new distribution centre in North Carolina.

The office and warehouse in Greensboro, North Carolina are part of Mobus’ global strategy to serve overseas customers on a more local level, and the latest version of Mertex ERP is facilitating the new operation via a seamless link to the company’s head office in Brighouse.

Mobus new distribution centre in North Carolina

Mertex ERP: the right fit for the new venture

Project teams from Reflex Data and Mobus worked closely together to implement the US system in just over 5 months, focusing initially on purchasing, stock management, picking, and despatch to cement the textile company’s commitment to efficient and timely delivery to its North American customers. MD of Mobus, Lee Paxman, and his team chose the latest version of Mertex ERP following 16 successful years using an earlier version of the marketing-leading software for their UK operations.

The latest version of Mertex ERP is the most advanced iteration of Reflex Data’s flagship ERP system, Mertex. With new user interfaces and a broad range of new features and functionality to strengthen the core textile-specific modules, it was clear that Mertex ERP was the right fit for Mobus’ new venture.

Andrew Phiri on choosing Mertex ERP for the new distribution centre:

“Due diligence and customer satisfaction are at the heart of what we do, and beyond supply chain optimisation, the new system ensures full traceability of every metre of fabric from development through to delivery.”

Andrew Phiri
Mobus’ International Sales Manager

Jeremy Alcock praises the hard work of the teams involved in the implementation:

“The fact that this implementation happened in just over 5 months is testament to the close working relationship we’ve developed with Mobus over many years – I’d like to thank the teams involved on both sides for their hard work.”

Jeremy Alcock
Managing Director, Reflex Data