The third 2022 release of Mertex ERP (7.5.3) improves user experience (UX)

Part of using Mertex ERP (V7) means that you benefit from regular improvements and bug fixes as we constantly strive to make Mertex better for our users.

There have been several smaller system-wide enhancements and improvements, but there have been some more significant upgrades. Here is a run-down:

• 63 additional HTML grid screens for easier navigation and time savings

• Deposit processing enhancement from new fields to show ‘Initial Deposit Required’, Total Deposit Required’, ‘Outstanding Initial Deposit’ and ‘Outstanding Total Deposit’. This provides the accounts/credit control dept. with additional information to help decide whether to release an order or not.

• On the Process Maintenance screen, the Purchase Order Type & Product Type fields now have display fields, making them more user friendly

• If a Mertex product code has an associated supplier product code populated, this is now displayed (for the selected line) as a visual prompt in PO entry

• If a product is stocked in one unit but sold in another i.e. metres and yards, the Sales Order Inquiry (/SO) now displays both qty & units

• The Cutting bench function has been enhanced to allow the cutting & pick confirmation steps to occur as a single step (previously a user would have had to exit the cutting bench and enter the pick confirmation screen)

• The AP Auto Payment routine is now accessible via the Supplier Analysis inquiry (/SA > Documents

• The Back Order Release screen has been enhanced to handle products which DO NOT require allocations. This includes the allocation/release types being added as radio buttons (instead of having to do a F3-lookup) that allow the selection of ‘Forward Orders’, ‘Full Despatch Orders’, Non-Allocated Products’, and ‘Non Blocked’ products. It is also now possible to bulk-release order lines by using the (down) arrow

• The Purchase Order Enquiry (/POE) now displays the Total Value (of selected lines) in both base and supplier currencies

• If notes have been added to a Reserve Release Request (RRR), an icon has been added so that they can be viewed via the sales order line inquiry

• The M2M (Made to Measure) F3-lookup has been enhanced to now filter the results based on description

• Mertex ERP now includes haulier integration with AGL (Agile Global Logistics) for export orders and with DX hauliers (If you would like to have this set up, please let us know)

Functions that will particularly benefit our US clients:

• The vendor remittance and check format has been amended to meet US requirements
• The (G/L) Effective Date field has been added to the Accounts Payable Direct Invoice/Credit Note routines to ensure Mertex ERP meets GAAP compliance requirements

• The US user sales invoice now displays a breakdown of the individual Canadian tax elements (PST, GST< HST) as well as the overall tax figure

If you are a Mertex ERP user and would like to implement any of these upgrades, please get in touch

A number of bug fixes were also included. If you are a current Mertex ERP user, contact us to get the full list.