James Hare Ltd continues its 28 years of “trust” with Mertex upgrade


James Hare Ltd continues its 28 years of “trust” with Mertex upgrade

British Silk specialist James Hare Ltd have been using the Mertex software platform since 1994, and after deciding to focus on innovation and further operational improvement, is now reaping the benefits of investing in the most feature-rich version of the software.

Laura Jowett, Finance Manager at James Hare Ltd comments about the company’s relationship with the people behind the software:

We have a lot of trust in Mertex and the developers at Reflex Data Systems. They have guided us through almost 30 years of change in software capability, and we are assured that they will keep their Mertex ERP software up to date and relevant in a changing world.

Laura Jowett
Finance Manager, James Hare Ltd

Following 28 years of Mertex use, their management team knew that modernising their systems and bringing them in line with new software capabilities were paramount in their strive for remaining competitive and protecting their brand. The upgrade has the advantage of opt-in regular updates as part of the package. However, their real motivation included:

• A more modern, aesthetically pleasing user interface

• Time savings from being able to drill into other information easily rather than having to open other areas of the software separately

• The enhanced finance and invoicing functions

• A more intuitive, easy-to-use system that makes training new staff quicker and easier

All of these have led to yet further time savings and improved efficiencies which have enabled smoother working practices with happy staff at all levels. Things the company value.

In addition to the points above, the detailed reporting capabilities through the Informer integration (an add-on product) are making a real difference.

Having Mertex Informer means having the ability to create reports instantly to provide data both internally and externally when required. Automatic emailing of reports can be set up with ease, and we have many reports being generated overnight, weekly and monthly that keep staff and agents completely informed and up to date. We can also easily amend and adapt anything quickly if required. Having this software means that we no longer need to request and wait for a report to be designed and available, and we can keep the business moving forward quickly with accurate immediate information. This is priceless.

Laura Jowett
Finance Manager, James Hare Ltd

A bit of background

James Hare Ltd are a fabric design and distribution company based in Yorkshire. They have a 160-year history in the textiles industry and are extremely proud of their heritage. Their high-quality fabrics are used for fashion, furniture, and other home furnishings. The company remains a family business with the original founders’ great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren leading them into the future.

Their relationship with Reflex Data Systems began in 1993 when they searched for a software solution that would help them transform how they controlled stock, sales, and customer service. In 1994 their first version of Mertex was installed.

Reflex Data Systems is looking forward to continuing its strong relationship with James Hare Ltd and further developing its full Mertex ERP platform to ensure it is up to date and relevant for clients, both current and future.