Investing in ERP software for the first time would be daunting for some companies, but not for forward-thinking ones!


Investing in ERP software for the first time would be daunting for some companies, but not for forward-thinking ones!

Chatham Glyn is a fabric designer, importer and wholesaler that exist to set trends and whose owners are passionate about customer service and honest business practices. The Essex-based business is now preparing itself for the future by pushing forward with digital transformation.

The company have been going through a period of growth and is stronger than ever. However, this growth flagged up that they would benefit greatly from operations software to help them tie together their departments through better business process management.

The Jacobs family, who own the business, have chosen Mertex ERP for its feature-rich functionality. This will be their first inventory management software, so they foresee a much better experience for their staff and customers as stock accuracy and order process times improve significantly.

Planning for the implementation

Since signing the contract in March, a long but very important process has been in operation. The Reflex Data implementation team consulted with Chatham Glyn in order to fully understand what each department needed from the software. This enabled them to configure the software to their needs and migrate across all the right data. Following this, in-depth trials were successfully performed.

This robust process has led to a problem-free ‘go-live’ this week. This was celebrated with some Mertex branded cupcakes which were thoroughly enjoyed by staff from all areas of the business.

Ben Jacobs, Sales & Marketing Director at Chatham Glyn thought the implementation went smoothly:

I would like to say how great the Support Team is at Reflex and that without the team behind us, we would not have achieved the changeover so smoothly, as gruelling as the spreadsheets were, it is “almost” a distant memory.

Ben Jacobs
Sales & Marketing Director, Chatham Glyn

Bradley Alcock from Reflex Data Systems has spent time at the Chatham Glynn office overseeing the installation of Mertex:

Chatham Glynn is modernising itself and looking to the future by adapting to changing times. Mertex will track every part of the product process from manufacture to delivery to the customer. We are excited to see the real benefits that Mertex will bring.

Bradley Alcock
Reflex Data Systems