Additional invoice management and despatch tools are some of the improvements ready for Mertex users with release 7.5.2

Here is a run-down of the most significant upgrades now available to Mertex ERP users at no extra cost to them.

• 41 Additional HTML grid pages – Easier navigation within the system which reduces user time.

• A link has been added to the CA (Customer Analysis) enquiry to directly access the customers CHO (Credit Held Orders) with the click of a button

• Allows for the generation of invoices by batch as opposed to all outstanding despatches at the point of invoice creation NOTE This is an optional upgrade – if you don’t wish to work this way, we don’t have to apply this update

• UPS courier haulier integration now includes multiple fields for customs information required for documentation – all of this will save customers time NOTE This is particularly important due to Brexit regulation

• Improved visibility of different order types such as proforma order and reserve orders on the sales order entry and enquiry screens

• The addition of stock availability level statement on the customers sample letter

• Statement (same as above – an easier way for base country (for example GB and non GB)

• New email Proforma invoice sort by date – A user friendly way to search for Outstanding Proforma search

• The running total calculation of order weight as multiple products are added to an order. This is ideal for knowing total order weight which affects shipping charges and courier selection

• Mertex now can handle sFTP connections as well as standard FTP for 3rd party EDI integration

• The addition of a default email parameter which is used for tracking notifications for DHL

Will display one of the following statements:

Please note that stock is currently low on this product

Stock is readily available

Functions that benefit US clients especially

• Royalties Reporting – A new table has been added to the product maintenance fields which allows a product to be associated with a designer and to allocated a royalty value. This allows for the export of a report that displays any royalties that may be due NOTE This function allows for easy external payment of the reported amount

• Within the quotation entry screen it is now possible to directly raise a quote for an existing specifier with the option to enter the project too.

• CFA Cutting for approval – automatic pop up of delivery address