Using Mertex- A day in the life series (Blendworth)

Angela, Office Manager at Blendworth Interiors

There are often case studies published detailing changes made within a company and how they have affected productivity or the bottom line. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this at all, we thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate how our Mertex ERP software has impacted an employee’s working day. In this case, Angela’s.

Blendworth Interiors was founded in 1921, making them just over 100 years old. The design-led company produce bespoke fabrics and wallpapers for the home interiors industry.

The company had been using their own bespoke version of Mertex for approximately 20 years. However, due to the demand for instant data and further cost savings to help manage their growth, they decided to upgrade to the standard version of Mertex. This went live in November 2020 and it has impacted Angela’s working day in many ways since.

Angela works in a busy sales office, managing 3 others day to day. The task they spend the most time on is the input of sales orders. She has found that due to being able to select various fabrics at once, she can key on orders more quickly, ensuring that they are accurate at the same time. Address management for client orders has also improved this task.

In addition, Angela and her team save yet more time when entering sample orders onto the system due to being able to select multiple fabrics at once. They also find this functionality much easier.

The software upgrade has also led to easier stock checking. With their old system, when entering an order, they would have to navigate to another area to be able to see stock levels, which took time but could also mean lags in stock amounts whilst moving through the system. With the upgraded version, all stock information is just an easy click away.

The impact of the changes

Due to the frequency of the day-to-day tasks that Angela performs and the resulting time savings detailed above, Angela has been able to take on further important business administration tasks, as well as she and her team being able to enter all of the days orders without that common ‘end of day’ stress. This has had a positive impact on their working day.

keying on orders and samples, is a lot quicker now, especially the sample ordering, which frees more time for other jobs. i also know that they are done to a more accurate standard due to live stocks being visible without the time delay whilst clicking between screens. because of this, there has been fewer credits to administrate or balance orders being sent out separately. this has resulted in fewer phone call and emails from customers to ask about these things.

Office Manager, Blendworth Interiors