Mertex is the best system we’ve seen.

Longstanding Reflex Data customer, Warwick Fabrics UK, is taking advantage of the ‘great new features’ of the latest version of Mertex which will become known as Mertex ERP.

The company creates exclusive furnishing fabrics for domestic and commercial interiors and its sales team based near Gloucester has seen improved methods of working as a result of the upgrade from its previous version of the specialist software.

Warwick’s operations manager Brendon Shepherd has overseen the implementation and says that the process was planned ‘extremely well’. “We have a business to run and the transition went very smoothly which a great relief for us,” he says.

“The main benefit to Warwick is the standardisation of the Mertex system meaning that we can take advantage of great new features that are in the pipeline at no extra cost.

“It also means that we now have a system that can be easily managed, while retaining all the valuable features of the previous version which was very bespoke and as a result created complications for us and for Reflex.”

Brendon identifies a number of areas with enhanced functionality in finance, sales order purchasing, process ordering, warehousing and stock management. He also says that search functionality is greatly improved.

“The biggest impact has been in the accountancy module’s general ledger postings drill-down and inventory integration,” he says. “Purchase ledger invoices can now be digitally matched to incoming stock records and approved through the system. There is no need for heaps of paperwork for someone to check and sign off.”

The simplification of the sales order processing module has also met with Brendon’s approval. “The ability to tag multiple products has more than halved the time spent loading sales and sample orders. The new system monitors incoming purchase order dates and can adjust sales order dates accordingly whilst providing customers with expected delivery dates,” he says. “This functionality can also be automated to send alerts to customers thereby reducing incoming and outgoing calls.”

In terms of search functionality, he adds that Mertex ERP has multiple enquiry screens providing drill-down ‘click’ functionality which allows users to access information faster. “Previously we may have needed to enter different parts of the system to access information but now it is seamless. Reflex are constantly updating these grids to provide quick and efficient access to information and analysis.”

Brendon says that the stock management and warehouse system ‘is fantastic’ and provides a great level of detailed information and accurate movements. “With our plans for investment in new warehouse machinery that we can integrate with Mertex, we’ll be able to automate a great deal of what we do and therefore futureproof our business.”

He adds that the purchasing and process order modules are constantly evolving and is looking forward to an imminent new module called Vessels which will allow the user to tag multiple purchase order lines to a single vessel. “This means that updating delivery dates on incoming products will be a lot quicker and easier as you will only need to update it once.”

According to Brendon, senior management at Warwick looked at alternatives before deciding on the upgrade. “For us, Mertex is the best system we’ve seen. Our processes can be very involved and it’s specifically designed for the unique characteristics of the textiles industry and all the processes related to manufacturing and selling.

“The core functionality is brilliant and Reflex are leaders in their field. They invest time and energy and are very willing to look after our requirements while not compromising the core system.

“I am excited about the next release which will bring further benefits to Warwick.”

Jon-Andrew Ovenstone , the company’s managing director, said: “The team at Reflex Data did a great job in ensuring that the upgrade was delivered on time and on budget with minimal disruption, showing dedication in their response to addressing any issues. I felt that the project went extremely well.”

· Mertex ERP is under continuous development from the expert team at Reflex Data with customers benefiting from automatic upgrades and new features going forward