Reflex customers trial deep, real-time data tool

Reflex customers trial deep, real-time data tool

We’re giving our customers' data a rocket boost with a new third-party software partnership.

Two of our major clients, Walker Greenbank and Designers Guild, are trialing External Data Access (EDA) software offered by specialist business IT tools vendor, Rocket Software.

Our customers already have the option of accessing and analysing up-to-date commercial information through Analytics, allowing them to easily visualize and identify important trends by providing a detailed snapshot of the business, but EDA expands this capability.

EDA provides real-time access to data that can be stored in a separate database such as Microsoft SQL. This has obvious benefits because reports can be generated from up to the minute information, and customers using our Analytics module will also be able to analyze orders and inventory in real time.

As an example, companies offering performance-related bonuses could see how each cutter is performing throughout the day and for companies with in-house Microsoft SQL skills, it could offer alternative options for reporting.

EDA requires an additional server to make the system work, as well as a licence from Rocket, but the potential benefits seem to outweigh the initial set-up costs.

Want to find out more about EDA? Email and we can share more information and answer any questions you may have.