Answer questions as fast as you can

Answer Questions As Fast As You Can Think Of Them

With Reflex Analytics, analysing Mertex is fast and easy from invoices, sales orders, stock and inventory, supply chain, production and financial management you can get answers to questions in a couple of clicks.

Fast Analysis

Visualise data in Mertex and identify trends in minutes

Ease Of Use

Pre-built modules with intuitive interfaces make analysing Mertex fast and simple

Simple Integratation

Export to Excel, cut and paste to Word or PDF to printer s simple and easy

Mertex Data, Any Data

Analyse data from spreadsheets, databases or even cutting benches

Collaborative Analysis

Share dashboards or highlight problems with colleagues using bookmarks and alerts

Get the freshest data with a live connection or get automatic updates on a scheduled basis. Analytics has pre-built analysis for invoices, sales orders, stock & inventory, supply chain, production and financial management.

Stuart Beet, sales and marketing manager at Reflex Data, said: Reflex Analytics provides a real-time view of performance across your business, speeds up decision making, and unlocks the potential of your data.

Reflex Analytics is powered by the Qlikview Business Discovery Platform.

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