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Business decisions are only as good as the information at your fingertips. Reflex Analytics gives you the most up-to-date information in an easily accessible and comprehensible format. Powered by the internationally renowned Qlikview Business Discovery Platform, Reflex Analytics is based on the key principles of data discovery and visibility. With many ways to ‘slice and dice’ the information, it enables you to ask your own questions and formulate your own insights. It has full integration with Microsoft Office and is easy to use on smartphones and notebooks.



“The insight into operational, sales and financial performance has been very powerful. We’ve been able to make better informed decisions that have contributed towards top line growth and effective cost control, ultimately improving profitability.“

Julie McGraw, Managing Director
Jones Interiors

“Reflex Analytics will tell us about our customers, how we can interpret their buying patterns and give us the ability to help them.“

John Walsh, Managing Director
Abraham Moon

  • Features

    Fast and intuitive analysis of ALL data within Mertex making it easy to visualize and identify trends

    Incorporates data from other sources for comparative analysis

    Supplier performance and reps/activities can be viewed

  • Features

    Dashboard and KPI analysis to highlight problems or trends

    Sales can be analysed, ranked and compared by customer, specifier, product, rep or agent

    Customer buying patterns are easy to view – see who is buying and who is not

  • Features

    Slow moving stock can be identified and alerts received for high or low margins

    Geographic analysis of sales – to show in which city, state or country your products are selling