Analytics is revenue booster

Analytics is revenue booster

Even business challenges can be opportunities – if the data analysis is good enough.

That's certainly been the experience at Leeds-based soft furnishings manufacturer and wholesaler Riva Home since the company began using Reflex's information analysis software, Analytics.

“We wanted something a bit easier to use for pulling off reports,” explains managing director, Justin Green. “With the previous system it would have taken forever, so we started using Analytics.

“It tells us which products are selling well. Even better, it tells you which products aren't. Highlighting those issues is very powerful as it shows what can be improved to increase revenue.”

Renowned for its superior quality Paoletti brand, found in department and boutique stores worldwide, Riva operates in a dynamic marketplace in which reliable and accessible business data is at a premium.

Powered by the internationally renowned Qlikview Business Discovery Platform, Analytics is based on the key principles of data discovery and visibility, enabling customers to look at their data in a multitude of ways.

“It's great,” says Justin. “It's really accurate. It rings true to whatever you're comparing your figures to and shows what's working for us and what's not.

"You can put any criteria into it and all the figures it brings back are correct. The dynamic filter search lets you bring out reports relating to specific issues and as soon as you start to see anomalies you can act."

He says that Analytics is used at all stages of the business, but particularly on the sales and stock side. And the software has made converts at all levels, from managers to sales reps.

“Once you start to trust it, you begin to use it more and more. That's its beauty – you can play with it to learn how to use it and you can't break it. I couldn't live without it now.