Our valued customers share their experiences of Mertex and how the ongoing support we give is vital to future business success

"The single most important point of difference with Mertex is that it is constantly being updated and improved in line with the textile and fabrics industry, and is dedicated to delivering maximum efficiency and productivity."Sean McGonigle, Vice President, Carnegie Fabrics

"We selected Mertex because Reflex Data specialise in our industry sector and understand our business. We were getting orders right 94% of the time – now we are hitting 98-99%. The company has everything in place to push the expansion of our product range."Simon Jeffreys, Chief Executive, Designers Guild

"Reflex has provided a lot of expertise, including some good ideas on how to change processes in the warehouse. It has increased our efficiency by 30 per cent."James Le Voir, Managing Director, Cover-Tex

"Used alongside Mertex, Analytics allows us to make better informed decisions, contributing to top line growth and effective cost control, ultimately improving profitability."Julie McGraw, Managing Director, Jones & Co Ltd

"Reflex Analytics clearly provides fantastic data insights and we plan to use it more and more."

David Smallridge, Managing Director of Brands, Walker Greenbank PLC

"Blendworth International continues to be delighted with the efficiencies and improvements available to us as we increasingly develop and utilise Mertex to assist us in driving our business forward."Jon Palmer, Operations Director, Blendworth International Ltd

"We have worked very closely with Reflex to develop a top of the range financial package that not only fulfils our needs but has added greatly to the strength of Mertex."David Smallridge, Managing Director of Brands, Walker Greenbank PLC

"Mertex has resulted in the company operating much more efficiently. We can locate any stock in the warehouse in a matter of seconds and quickly recall customer details and order history, making our service much better."Linda Dykes, Operations Manager, Voyage Decoration

"We couldn’t have got to where we are now without Reflex. We can trace everything about a piece – from when it was delivered and imported all the way back to the conditions under which it was produced."Lee Paxman, Logistics Director, Mobus Fabrics Ltd

"As we raise our profile in the cut-length market, we must ensure that customer service is of the highest standard and goods are delivered on time. Our decision to purchase the system from Reflex was largely due to their ability to offer barcode technology as part of the solution. This enables us to offer a full track-and-trace facility. So, for example, we can immediately pinpoint stock - even matching dye batches or taking fabric from the same roll, if that is what the customer needs."Andrew Gautry, Financial Director, Prestigious Textiles Ltd

"Reptex has really simplified the order taking process for our sales team, and eased the burden on our back office staff when processing orders into Mertex – particularly after a busy trade show."John-Andrew Ovenstone, Managing Director, Warwick Fabrics

"Reflex Data, with their Mertex product suite, provided a unique combination in that, not only were they able to cover all of our requirements for cloth and scarf manufacturing, but could also offer new solutions for our stock sales."John Walsh, Managing Director, Abraham Moon & Sons Ltd