Manage your sales pipeline more effectively with Mertex Dynamics CRM.

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Reflex has teamed up with Microsoft to incorporate its market leading Dynamics CRM solution with Mertex to provide an integrated CRM solution that is tailored specifically to meet the needs of textile and fabric companies.

CRM is all about managing your interaction and relationship with prospects and customers in order to improve customer satisfaction, build profitable long term relationships and increase sales – a great CRM system will enable your sales team to manage these relationships more effectively, providing your customers with positive experiences that will keep them coming back for more.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to help effective management of leads and sales opportunities through a single point of management for all customer and prospect activity.

Customer account data from Mertex can be shared on a real time basis, enabling sales people, who may not have access to Mertex, and office staff with a holistic view of the customer.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings together your business activities in Sales, Lead Generation, Marketing and Customer Service, allowing your departments to communicate seamlessly, sharing information and delegating tasks to ensure that no lead or action is overlooked. It also enables you to be consistent and organised in the way you communicate with customers and potential customers, at every stage in their relationship with you.

Reflex provides its Mertex Dynamics CRM as an online cloud solution, ensuring it always remains current in terms of new releases and upgrades.

Mertex Dynamics CRM offers valuable customer insights in a central database for use by Sales, Marketing and Customer Services team enabling you and your sales team to:

  • Effectively manage and track leads and opportunities
  • Capture and monitor activity with individual contacts for an opportunity
  • Automate tasks to improve efficiency and ensure no opportunity is missed
  • Make your marketing more targeted and market to your prospects more effectively
  • Improve visibility of the sales pipeline with dashboards and metrics
  • Access via a desktop PC or mobile device – so valuable information is always at your fingertips