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There can be no more enduring image of automotive design than the pairing of James Bond with the Aston Martin, from the unforgettable DB5 complete with ejector seat and rocket launchers in Goldfinger, to the elegant V12 Vanquish used in 2002's Die Another Day. But how does a car cut the mustard alongside the suave spy?

For more than 50 years, Boyriven Ltd have supplied Aston Martin with its interior trim requirements from adhesives and fasteners, to hooding, headlining, underfelt and carpet - making sure the range is always looking its best.

The automotive textile industry is extremely competitive - especially between the luxury marques and although Boyriven have supplied Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lotus, Morgan and Aston Martin, competition is fierce with suppliers constantly having to update stock and make sure they carry the best materials at the best price.

With a luxury car requiring as much as 10 to 15 metres of 5 or 6 different types of fabric, Boyriven have approximately 1000+ automotive fabrics in stock at any one time. These range from top-of-the-range Wilton Carpets, Wool Headlining Cloths to coach velour and from Everflex hooding (used for many years by Rolls Royce and Aston Martin) to the current Mohair hooding (used by most car makers today). The company also stock a large range of expanded vinyl's and leathercloths, foam and upholstery cloths and fabrics among them the famous Alcantara range of luxury suede material.

Alcantara, used by Aston Martin on both the V12 Vanquish and new DB9 models, is a versatile and easily maintained fabric that offers specific performances for different applications. It has a unique, suede-like texture that is quite luxurious and attractive not only to luxury car manufacturers, but is also suitable for marine trimming.

As textile suppliers to manufacturers of luxury yachts such as Sunseeker (International), Fairline Boats, Princess and Oyster Yachts, Boyriven can provide yacht builders with a huge choice of textiles, vinyl's and fabrics for interior and exterior applications. Just like the automotive sector, fabrics are fire-retardant and resistant, but specifically for the marine industry they can also be waterproofed and treated so they are non-slip and resistant to fungus and mildew. Textiles for marine vehicles include hooding, carpets, acrylics, lining out, upholstery cloths and fabrics and marine vinyl.

Whilst the company holds as much stock as possible for clients it also needs to keep the number of these very expensive textiles at a manageable level.

To help the smooth running of the business Boyriven use Mertex software, from Reflex Data Systems, for all stock handling, ordering, sampling, batch tracing and invoicing. This allows them to free up precious warehouse space as the application can track any fabric from any supplier, place an order for the required amount - even if this is just a sample - eliminating the need for Boyriven to hold rolls of superfluous, very valuable fabric.

As a totally integrated system Reflex's Mertex product gives the company minute by minute control allowing better customer service while simultaneously cutting the amount of cash tied up in the business.

The top automotive businesses demand excellent performance from their suppliers and the Reflex system enables Boyriven to get into top gear whenever the need arises.


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